Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Profile: to produce or present a history, description, or analysis of: 

October is the month that I'm working on my Adoption Profile Book. Can I just explain how hard this is? In essence you are choosing pictures and words that depict your life for someone who doesn't know you at all. 
One blogger wrote about making theirs and how it is kind of like a first date and you want your profile book to stand out to prospective parents. Another blogger wrote that she felt she put too much time into "selling" herself and not just making it with the trust that it will be in the right hands at the right time. I'm desiring to make ours with excellence and trusting that it will go where it needs to go. Most of the books that I've been perusing on the internet and what I'm finding are a lot of books that look like scrap books because everyone has to use the same template. I'm going to have to say this and I know it will offend some people but I very strongly dislike scrapbooking and scrapbooks and anything that remotely LOOKS like a scrapbook. (sorry scrapbookers) I desperately desire to make this profile book without it looking like hearts, rainbows, and cheesy flowers exploded all over the page!
I'm grateful that I have friends and family that desire to help me with this process (Major thanks to Stormie and Ellie).
These next few weeks I will be pouring myself, my heart, my mind, into making this book one that is an honest, beautiful portrait of who my family is (I may have to add a flower or two.;)) 
Profile book specifications

I am so visual that I got a blank book so that I can write in exactly what I want on each and every page.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Paperwork for Adoption!

Envelope from Target. $1.99
Mailing envelope to Castle Rock with confirmation. $5.90
Time, energy, love, prayers, tears and paperwork included in the package. $Price.less

I took the paperwork to the post office and asked for insurance. There is no insurance that could cover the cost in this beautiful package. (the post man actually told me so!)