Monday, May 21, 2012

Adoption Training.

We were able to attend an adoption training in Castle Rock, CO in April. It was emotional, realistic, hard, so good, and just what we needed. The State of Colorado has adoption training as a mandatory thing for people (like us) who are adopting. As I sat in the chair over the weekend though, I kept telling Dave that I thought EVERY person who is going to be a parent and bring a child into their home should be taking this training. It was enlightening.
Here were some of the highlights for me:
  • We got to attend the training with Dave's parents. It was so good to have the grandparents of our child attend something like this with us. They were engaged and ready to learn right along with us! I think they learned a few new things as well. The conversations between the sessions with them were some of my favorite parts of the weekend!
  • It was so lovely to meet other people who are in this process. We met couples who have adopted already, are just beginning the process and couples in the "waiting game" with us. So refreshing to know that you are not alone. 
  • The director of our agency, Hopes Promise was the main speaker. Her name is Paula Freeman and she was the most eloquent, passionate, Jesus loving, knowledgeable woman concerning adoption. I wanted her to keep speaking so I could soak up what she had to say. She gets the Father's Heart for adoption and just to be in the room with her helped me to catch it too! 
  • We received more information than my brain could handle at times. (Legal stuff, newborn care, attachment issues, adoption stories, understanding birth families, financial information, etc.)
  • The conversations that were stirred between us and our parents in between sessions were so good and God used them to bring to light some things in me that He is working on. Yes, God is working on me, not just FOR me! Here I am, sitting in a training to adopt a child and God uses it to do some heart work on me!!!Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. His plans involve so many people, so many details and they are always plans of LOVE! He astonishes me at every turn. He is the perfect author and I love Him!
Am I fully trained for what lies ahead with our adoption? Not even close....