Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hunter adopted a brother.

It's been months since I've updated our blog. I blame it on the fact that we brought home an infant who has kept us very busy. We have been 'adopting' our new son into our family, our customs, our life and definitely into our love. MalaKai is nine months now and brings joy and giggles to us on a daily basis. 

Today is one of those really busy days. 
The kind of busy day that there is no time to write a blog. 
Life happened so beautifully today though and I MUST tell the story. For in years to come it will need to be remembered.

My husband left this morning on a very early flight and I was alone in bed. About 5am rolled around and my nine year old son, Hunter came running frantically into my bedroom. He was shaky and crying. I immediately scooped him into bed with me and proceeded to grill him with  EVERY possible question about what could be wrong. 

"Did you have a bad dream?" "Are you sick?" "Does your tummy hurt?" "How can I pray for you?" Every answer was, "No." How could I possibly be wrong about EVERY one of my questions? 

In my deliriously tired state I remembered that I have learned that my when my son has something emotional going on he will keep it inside until he is ready to let it out so I gave up my interrogation and tried to sleep. (Oh precious sleep that I don't get much of with my little Kai) 

All morning Hunter would toss and turn and cry a little. Still no answer. What seemed like 5 minutes later.... 6:30am  rolled around and Kai let us know that it was time for our family to start the day. 

Hunter and I started getting his bottle ready and he let me know that he was ready to let "it" out. 
"Okay," he said. "It's a really embarrassing thing." To which I assure him every time that I have plenty of embarrassing moments and he can tell me anything. I wait quietly. He makes me guess at his cryptic words and I finally get it out of him as he collapses into my arms and cries, 

"I want more time with Kai!!" 

Through his crocodile tears and snot bubbles he tells me how much he is missing him while he is away at school. He doesn't want him to grow up so fast. He starts asking how long it is until Malakai turns one year old and then sobs again. He asks if I've captured pictures of Kai doing things that he keeps missing and on and on. 

I'm holding him and my sweatshirt is becoming increasingly wet from tears and has now become a tissue that is full of snot. Silently, I begin praising God and thanking Him for giving my son a brother. A brother he prayed so fervently for. A brother that Hunter has most definitely ADOPTED into his heart. A brother that Hunter will pray for, spend time with, pour into, teach, and sometimes torment. He knows now so beautifully what it is to have brotherly love. A love that you can't explain to someone. A special place in your heart for your brothers and sisters. (Your blood siblings, your adopted siblings, your siblings in JESUS!)

Oh how beautifully God orchestrated family! He showed us these earthly relationships to give us glimpses of love. The kind of heart wrenching, shaky, feverish, undeniably passionate and straining love. The kind of love that you don't want to miss anything because you adore that person so much. I watched Hunter's heart ache and stretch with love for hours this morning and I know Malakai is feeling it.

I believe God is showing Hunter, love on a whole new level and when all is said and done it will be just a very small insight into Father's extravagant love for him.

Oh, God that you would show us your amazing love today. That you are feverishly shaky, overly passionate, and extravagantly in love with us. You adopted us into your family and you don't EVER want to miss one moment that you could have with us. I love you, Father and I don't want to miss out on ANY amount of love from you or love that I can give you. I am zealous for you. I am passionate about you. I am crazy in love you, Jesus. 


The amazing grace of the Master, Jesus Christ, the extravagant love of God, the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit, be with all of you. 2 Corinthians 13:14

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The day we came home.

The NICU at Parker Adventist Hospital was our home for two weeks. It had its ups and downs. We disliked being away from Hunter and having to be away from our beds but I have to admit that it was wonderful getting to be near so many nurses and doctors and to learn how to have an infant once again. Babies are wonderful and mysterious little packages that delight and scare us all at once. Dave and I knew that the first two weeks of Malakai's life were very important for us to get to know him. We made sure to be at the NICU for at least 5 out of his 8 feedings in a 24 hour period. We changed his diapers, gave him baths, dressed him, talked to him, did some skin to skin time and basically, just stared at him as often as possible. We had several nurses that we absolutely LOVED and they will be a part of Kai's life story forever. Our first nurse was with us 11 out of the 15 days that we were there and we fell in love with her. Danielle taught us patience with Kai and general care more than any other nurse did. She is one of the sweetest people that I have ever met. Pam was only our nurse two times but she was the one that got us comfortable with feeding Kai the most. Her techniques were priceless. Vanessa was our night nurse 4-5 times and there isn't anybody else that I would have felt more comfortable leaving our son with during those long night hours. I have to say that I came home with wisdom, knowledge, patience and peace because of the staff at Parker!
Danielle with Kai right after he was born!
Dave and I want to thank everyone who prayed for us and for Malakai while we were at the hospital. We know that it's because of all of you that we actually got to come home so early! Last Sunday the 20th they were telling me that Kai was doing so well that it might be a week before we were home. I was hopeful but I knew things could change and we could still be there until the middle of February. Dave and I worked patiently and hard as we learned to read Kai's cues for feeding and we got better and better. Wednesday the 30th we came in for his regular feeding and the Doctor announced that we would get to go home the next day. I couldn't believe my ears!!! We all rejoiced once again!

 On Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 4:00pm we brought Kai home.

We were waiting out in the hallway for our special moment!!!

Walking out of the Birth Place at Parker Adventist.

Friday, January 11, 2013


He is here.

6 weeks early.

Born January 9th, 2013 at 9:26am 5.46lbs and 18.5". 
  Malakai Hatcher Powers. We lovingly refer to him as "Kai".


He is in the NICU and is termed a "preemie". 
He is doing so good though and we are in love with him! 

We have a long road ahead of us and we don't know how long we will be at the hospital but we are praying and working on his strength daily. 

Friends and Family have been asking what we need right now. Mostly what we need is prayer and if you would like to help with gift cards or meals or anything else you can contact my Mom, Jeanie Rhoades. Her email address is:

Please pray for:
-Malakai to eat well on the bottle, to keep his temperature by himself and for his little brain to develop normally!
-Dave and I to have moments of great communication and to enjoy this crazy time. Our sleep!!
-The adoption papers to all go through smoothly and for financial stability during this time so we can pay what needs to be paid medically and just for our normal bills.
-Hunter as a big brother to love this time (he is SO excited) and to have peace while his Mom and Dad are busy and while we have to be away from home for awhile. 
-The birth mom, Nicole and her family. This is a very hard time for her and she is our hero. Please pray over her emotions. Pray that Jesus would love on her like He has never loved on her before!

***I'm working on writing his birth story and my last 52 hours here at the hospital. You will get to hear all the fun and wonderful stories very soon.

Right now we invite you to "Kai" with us. 
Kai means REJOICE.