Friday, December 30, 2011


I HAVE to give you an update on where we are with saving and raising the money we need for our adoption. God has been so wonderfully good to us and HE definitely deserves the Glory!

The last update that I gave you was when we still needed $18,130.00!! Well, I'm honored to tell you that OUR GOD provided 9,175.00!!! (through people giving, us saving, and miraculous things!!) Which leaves only $8,955.00 needed. Do you SEE how good He is? Be encouraged that He provides when you are obediant to do what HE has planned for you. 

TO ALL of you who have prayed....You know who you are. I hope you know that I KNOW it is priceless and I cannot give enough thanks to you for speaking to God on our behalf!! How is it possible that God would use you to speak out for us?! I am unable to comprehend that kind of love but my gratitude is HUGE!

I have to give thanks publicly, to the people in our lives who have given toward our growing tribe. (financially or in some other helpful and cool way) I am honored and humbled...
Our family-Mary Jean Powers, Phil and Debbie Powers, Dave and Jeanie Rhoades, Rocky and Jovan Rhoades, Tredessa and Ryan Faaland, Stormie Rhoades, Tristan and Stephanie Kelley, and Jon and Holly Powers. Our Friends-Judd and Ellie Pickett, Michael and Stephanie Simants, Felix and Ashley Gilbert, Chad and Joanna Hoffman, Cody and Mandy Bohall, David and Casree Holland, Mike and Jennifer Orenstein, Todd and Kimberlee Herbic, Tom and Rushelle Hathoot, *Anyone who played Skee ball at the Christmas Party and payed to play=), Dale and Patti Paris, Scott Souther, Bruce and Mary Ellsworth, Matt and Leslie Richard, Scott and Jill McCollum, Daniel and Christina Miles.


 We had a second Christmas yesterday when the FedEx "Angel" dropped off our long anticipated Photo Books. These books include our Birth family letter, tons of pictures of us, and stuff about us for the Birth Families.

Hunter patiently waiting to open our Photo Books

Dave got to open the box and be the first to hold one!! We "oooed and ahhed."
 6 Photo Books 
+ 1 Check for $8,375 all mailed on 12/28/2011
OFFICIAL status with the Adoption Agency and Dave, Tara & Hunter on the "Waiting Birth Family" list on their website!!

Me at the Post Office mailing our precious books to the Agency.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

*ahem* I have an announcement.




We found out yesterday, Tuesday, December 20th at 3:02pm that our home study was approved. 

Am I freaking out? Yes, I am! Did I scream when I got off the phone with my caseworker, Emily? Yes, I did! Did I have butterflies ALL day waiting to hear if they would approve us to have a child in our home? Why, of course!!

Finding out yesterday that we are approved was like going to the Dr. (when you're pregnant), getting an ultrasound, and finding out that you are pregnant for sure and not only relying on the pregnancy test anymore. We officially have the HOPE of a child entering our lives soon. We don't know when, who, what, etc. but we KNOW. 

Now, I'm off to wait......

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Trimester.

You know how I said before that adoption has some similarities to pregnancy? I feel like we just finished the first trimester. I'm serious too. You know, exhaustion, sickness (So weird, but I actually was sick for an entire month!;)), excited, eager to tell everyone and secretly hoping that noone else will tell so you get to, talking about it non-stop, praying a lot that you can actually raise this child, kinda freaking out a little, reading every little website or book about where you are in the process....

One of the main differences is that instead of feeling a lot of the physical stuff, you go through a lot of brain work. Lots of paperwork and finding the right pictures and trying to convince someone that you are credible and would make a great parent for someone's child.

We had our third and final Home Study interview today at our home. We walked through our home with our case worker and she had to check on smoke alarms, water heaters, etc and make sure we were sanitary. (not a hard one to pass for this clean freak!) She had an interview with Hunter that went so well. She kept quoting him to us during the last part of our interview. That's my boy!;) She asked him what he thought Adoption was. His answer, "It's when a kid is part of one family and then they get to be a part of another family." WOW! I'm still thinking he knows more than I do. She approved the home inspection part and didn't give us anything to do for our home. Yea! We should find out within the next week if we are approved officially for the complete home study and I'm so ready and very excited.

The Home inspection part of our Home Study, Approved.

4 Thumbs up for a good last interview. The flash really liked my face!